Happy New Year 2022!

The year 2021 has been a hectic year for us especially towards the end. Our landlord finally decided to fix all the ceiling lights and dodgy wiring sooner rather than later as it might cause nasty fire accident that happened a lot during the last few months in Tokyo…so that he sent us two electricians on 29th and they fixed everything on the day!

Also, we did lots of shopping (food stuff), laundering and cleaning our flat properly…and of course we recorded a rare live performance as well! So, we’d like to share the video "Annual End of Year Live 2021" we recorded on 28th December…as you may know that we stopped performing live in 2012, therefore this is a very rare live performance of Clockwork Flowers. Performing the 1st single 'Whatever The Weather' from our forthcoming original album ‘Assorted Gemstones’ and 'I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet' from an unreleased original album 'Clockwork Flowers'…Enjoy!

We'll do another "Annual New Year's Day Recording Session" today…hope it goes well…STAY TUNED!!

In the meantime, check out our latest single 'When The Sun Turns Blue' we've released on December 17th 2021 from our forthcoming original album 'Assorted Gemstones'.

Love & Peace

Clockwork Flowers