'Whatever The Weather'

15th anniversary single 2020 from 'Assorted Gemstones'

'Luminous Spinning Discs'

from ‘Colours Vol.4 Green’ 2020

'In My Shoes'

from ‘Colours Vol.4 Green’ 2019


from ‘Colours Vol.4 Green’ 2019

'Crying Shame'

from 'Colours Unplugged: Black & White' 2019

'Out Of My Mind'

from 'Colours Vol.3 Yellow' 2018

'Uncle John’ 2017

- A special tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Beatles'

"SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" -

'A Butterfly In The Rain' 2018

- Dedicated to Keith Law (Velvett Fogg/Jardine) -

'Holding On To You'

16th anniversary single 2021 from 'Assorted Gemstones'

'When The Sun Turns Blue'

Christmas single 2021 from 'Assorted Gemstones'

'Sour Grapes'

15th Anniversary single 2020 from 'Assorted Gemstones'


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by Clockwork Flowers

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