We officially started this 'Electric Wonderland' project on New Year's Day 2023 by recording 7 demo songs for the album and we released those 7 songs as '2023 Demos' in June 2023. The idea of the project is that re-record our unreleased original album 'Wonderland' (2009-2011) which we recorded with very limited equipment in a very limited situation after having spent more than a decade in the Himalayas. And as we now have more equipment, instruments and recording skills, we believe we could produce much better and improved version of the album so we decided to record entire album again after 12 years.

The original 'Wonderland' includes 5 award-winning songs, received 4 awards at Mike Pinder's (with Denny Laine) Songwars Songwriting Competition in 2010 and 2011 and an award at Japanzine's Gaijin Sounds Competition in 2009. All the songs were written in London, Avebury and Norfolk in the UK and in the Himalayas (Dharamsala, India). We try to keep the essence and atmosphere of the original 'Wonderland' so we decided to keep the original song order and some sound effects for 'Electric Wonderland'.




1. Here We Go Round Avebury (Awarded at Songwars 2010)

2. Rainbow Trees

3. 1994

4. Autumn Afternoon (Awarded at Gaijin Sounds 2009)

5. Take Off (Awarded at Songwars 2011)

6. Good Morning, Lord Kitchener (Awarded at Songwars 2011)

7. All I Want

8. A Detective Song

9. On A Rainy Sunday

10. Here We Go Round Avebury (Reprise)

11. The Time (Awarded at Songwars 2011)

All songs written by John Bliss

Produced and engineered by John Bliss

Recorded and mixed at Great Bliss Studio, Tokyo 2023-

John Bliss performs vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and Tibetan religious instruments

Anthea Bliss performs percussion and Tibetan religious instruments

Electric Wonderland

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