2023 DEMOS


2023 DEMOS

1. All I Want (Acoustic Demo)

2. Autumn Afternoon (Acoustic Demo)

3. Rainbow Trees (Acoustic Demo)

4. All I Want (Multitracked Demo)

5. Autumn Afternoon (Multitracked Demo)

6. Rainbow Trees (Multitracked Demo)

7. 1994 (Multitracked Demo)

Music & words by John Bliss

Recorded & mixed at Great Bliss Studio, Tokyo 2023

Produced & engineered by John Bliss

Artwork by Anthea Bliss

John Bliss performs vocals, guitars and keyboards

Anthea Bliss performs percussion

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and other popular download and streaming sites on June 11th 2023!

'Rainbow Trees' (Multitracked Demo) Music Video

2023 Demos


As part of our 'Annual New Year's Day Recording Session' we did on 1st and 2nd January 2023, we recorded demos for our forthcoming original album 'Electric Wonderland' - re-recording our unreleased original album 'Wonderland' (2009-2011) that includes 5 award-winning songs. So, 'Electric Wonderland' project had officially begun on New Year's Day 2023...and we finally decided to release those demos as a kind of official bootleg mini-album '2023 Demos' which contains 7 demo tracks (3 songs with 2 different versions and a song), like our previously released '2013 Demos. Anyway, we made a music video 'Rainbow Trees (Multitracked Demo)' from the album which we'll share it on the band's 18th anniversary on 11th June 2023!