Recording Sessions


We are honoured to have participated in a special vinyl only project "Yesterday's Sunshine Today" - New magical covers of a legendary British psychedelic pop rock band "Nirvana" from the 1960's (songs from 1967-1969) by bands from all over the world. We recorded a previously unreleased Nirvana song "Flowers For Friday" written by Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Alex Spyropoulos for this special project. Watch the video diaries from the sessions...

Day 1: Recording electric guitar tracks... John doing a kind of sound check.

Day 2: Recording acoustic guitar tracks featuring John's vintage Guild 12 string guitar from 1970 for the first time here in Great Bliss Studio!

Day 3: Recording 'tampura' tracks at Great Bliss Studio…it's getting psychedelicized…!

Day 4: Recording Mellotron tracks at Great Bliss Studio.

Day 5: Recording drum tracks at a rehearsal studio across the street from Great Bliss Studio...just a day before Anthea’s Birthday...!

Day 6: Recording harpsichord tracks at Great Bliss Studio. John doing a warm up for the session…

Day 7: Recoding bass tracks at Great Bliss Studio.

Day 8: Finished recording everything today…including vocal tracks and percussion tracks. Start preparing tracks for mixing tomorrow!

Day 9: Mixing, mixing, mixing…spent a whole day to get it right!