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It's been nearly 10 months since Patrick Campbell-Lyons (original singer and songwriter of a legendary British psychedelic pop rock band "Nirvana" from the 1960's) asked us to take part in this special compilation album project "Yesterday's Sunshine Today" - New magical covers of "Nirvana" (songs from 1967-1969). On Patrick’s suggestion, we recorded a previously unreleased song “Flowers For Friday” (written by Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Alex Spyropoulos). This limited edition (500) vinyl-only album should have been released in early April but due to COVID-19 pandemic, new release date will hopefully be announced soon. In the meantime, pre-orders available from Τimemachine Productions (Greece) and Burger Records (USA). You can only listen to this magical song “Flowers For Friday” on this particular vinyl as it won't be available on any streaming or download, pre-order your copy NOW!!

We are honoured to be part of this wonderful project... thank you Patrick!!

Also, we added some “Flowers For Friday” project related pages - Music, Shop, Video Diaries and Recording Session Photos … ENJOY!

Stay safe, stay strong…!

Love & Peace

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“Yesterday’s Sunshine Today”

New Magical Covers of 1960‘s British Psychedelic Pop Rock Band “Nirvana”

(songs from 1967-1969)

by Bands from all over the world


They recently released “Rainbow Chaser: The 60s Recordings (The Island Years)” which covers the group’s early career and is full of bonus tracks.

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