MARCH 2022


TASHI DELEK! and HAPPY LOSAR 2149 (Tibetan Lunar New Year - Year of the Water Tiger)!

However it's so sad to hear about 'War In Ukraine'. We believe that creating positive and peaceful energy through our music and art is what we have to do in this challenging time. We pray for peace and justice in Ukraine and truly hope that this horrible brutal war will end very soon…

Anyway, we've finished mixing/mastering a song 'The Truth (Beneath The Mask)' for our forthcoming original album 'Assorted Gemstones' finally…This song is the 8th song from the album and we've got a few more songs to go… We don't think we can possibly complete the album for the band's anniversary in June but we believe that we could finish everything by the end of 2022… STAY TUNED!!

Also, we added "Annual New Year's Day Recording Session 2022" (videos and audio files), visit NOW!!

In the meantime, check out our latest single 'When The Sun Turns Blue' we've released on December 17th 2021 from our forthcoming original album 'Assorted Gemstones'.

Love & Peace

Clockwork Flowers