March 9th 2019


'Colours Unplugged: Black & White' is NOW available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, etc…visit SHOP now! This album is an extra edition of 'Colours' series (vol.1 - vol.4) that features John Bliss playing unplugged version of 6 selected songs from 'Colours' and an additional unreleased song 'Crying Shame' also written in the 1980s. All songs were recorded live in mono at Great Bliss Studio on 1st and 2nd January 2019.

Meanwhile, ‘Colours’ vol.1 - 4 are available...please visit COLOURS!

Here's 'Crying Shame' music video…Enjoy!

Peace & Love

Clockwork Flowers

‘Crying Shame’ from ‘Colours Unplugged: Black & White’ - Clockwork Flowers featuring John Bliss

'Colours Unplugged: Black & White'

- John Bliss plays ‘Colours’ -

CF News - March 9th 2019

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