June 11th 2019


Happy 14th Birthday to Clockwork Flowers and Happy 30th Anniversary to John & Anthea!!

After having spent several months, we have finally finished a moving image 'Why' from 'Colours vol.4 Green'! The 'film' includes 3 new original paintings by John and Anthea and was entirely shot at Great Bliss Studio that is actually our tiny little studio flat where we sleep, eat and of course create everything - music, art, films and so on…! We are very happy and proud to share this particular film 'Why' for the band's 14th anniversary on June 11th that happens to be our 30th wedding anniversary as well!  We are so grateful to our guru for saving our lives many times in the Himalayas when no one else could...otherwise we wouldn’t be here today. Well, it's been a long hard climb as John sings in a song 'Crying Shame' but we are still alive and together! Also we’d like to thank everyone who’s been supporting us for your love and kindness!

Lastly, we updated this website…it may look like it hasn't changed a lot but we added lots of new (and old) photos and videos… Now you can spend a whole day at theclockworkflowers.com…dig it! Meanwhile, we move on to another video project 'Luminous Spinning Discs' from the album 'Green' very soon… STAY TUNED!!

Peace & Love,

Clockwork Flowers

CF News - June 11th 2019

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