January 2020


CF News - January 2020

CF News


We're very happy to conclude the year 2019 with great news…our song "Luminous Spinning Discs" from "Colours Vol.4 Green" made top 10 at "This Is Rock 'N' Roll Radio's 83 Most-Played Tracks In 2019"! Thank you for your kind continued support…!!

Also, we have finished sort of 'annual' New Year's Day recording sessions on 1st and 2nd January…recorded some demos (new songs) for our upcoming original album we'll start recording soon. This year, we'll be celebrating the band's 15th anniversary and hope to release this particular album sometime in 2020!

Yes, we're still busy working on our new music video "Luminous Spinning Discs" and so far we've finished shooting nearly 1/2…meanwhile, you can enjoy our very rare live performance (we stopped performing live in 2012..check out our recently updated Biography) from the band's last rehearsal on 28th December 2019 playing "Luminous Spinning Discs"! We also added some new Photos and a Video from New Year's Day recording sessions.

We hope the year 2020 will be peaceful and meaningful for all of you…this decade should be the decade of hope and love…!!

Love & Peace

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