JUNE 2nd 2022




We're celebrating the Platinum Jubilee here at Great Bliss Studio. We'd like to share a special video we made for the Platinum Jubilee Celebration...John re-arranged 'Uncle John' intro especially for this special occasion. ENJOY!!

It's been a very busy week for us as well since we started recording a new song 'Happiness' (working title) for our forthcoming original album 'Assorted Gemstones'...after having recorded John's basic guitar tracks, we spent 3 days to prepare for the recording session in our local rehearsal studio this week and will be recording Anthea's drum tracks tomorrow. In the meantime, Anthea's been busy cooking special meal for the Platinum Jubilee Celebration here at Anthea's Kitchen aka Great Bliss Studio!

Also, we'll be celebrating the band's 17th anniversary on June 11th by releasing a new music video 'Sour Grapes' which is the 2nd single from 'Assorted Gemstones' released in December 2020... STAY TUNED!!

Love & Peace

Clockwork Flowers