We are honoured to have participated in a special vinyl only project  "Yesterday's Sunshine Today" - New magical covers of a legendary British psychedelic pop rock band "Nirvana" from the 1960s (songs from 1967-1969) by bands from all over the world including a previously unreleased song "Flowers For Friday" (written by Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Alex Spyropoulos) covered by Clockwork Flowers…! The album is available as a limited edition of 500 copies...however, due to public demand (or whatever), now an unedited digital version is also available from Timemachine Productions.



They recently released "Songlife 1967-1972" which is a 6 LP deluxe boxset containing all 5 of Nirvana's pioneering studio albums, alongside the never before released 1972 recording "Secret".

This unique album was recorded in 2019 in 19 different studio locations by 'bands who are fans' from around the world rebirthing the classic Nirvana songs (a legendary British psychedelic pop rock band "Nirvana" from the 1960s) in a magical way for a 2020 release! The songs written by Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Alex Spyropoulos in the sixties (1967- 1969) have a timeless quality that has been acknowledged by their fans around the world, now "Yesterday's Sunshine Today" conceived and compiled by Patrick takes us on a new musical journey of love and vision. A limited-edition vinyl-only release (500 copies). Orders available from Timemachine-Productions (Greece).

From Patrick's note...

"I came up with the original idea of Yesterdays Sunshine Today one year ago after a show in Los Angeles in the company of some young bands who knew and played the Nirvana songs in a new magical way. I then project managed 19 tracks from around the world + mastering and manufacture with the help of Michalis Timemachine  in Greece over the past year... my main focus was the exclusivity to the Vinyl only spirit of the journey, as we and the bands/artists are Vinyl lovers... so just to let you know the Album is a Vinyl only release into next year... 500 limited edition only."