Anthea Bliss is a multi-talented artist/designer/musician whose works include painting, drawing, bead jewellery design, fashion design, photography and cookery. She started her career as a fashion stylist and eventually started creating her own unique bead jewellery using polymer clay in the 1980s and regularly held exhibitions in the 1990s London and her works were featured in various publications in the UK and the USA.

After she left London for Avebury, Wiltshire, UK, she started painting/drawing and designing for John Bliss' projects. During her stay in India for a decade, she studied various painting skills including Tibetan Thangka painting and Indian miniature painting (Kangra style) and established her own unique painting style.

In 2005, she started playing percussion to form Clockwork Flowers with John Bliss in the Himalayas and finally started playing drums in 2013. In recent years, she also creates the band’s music videos with John Bliss.